Stacks are coming to Adobe XD and I’m excited.

But, Alex, what the f*ck are stacks? Good question. I hadn’t heard of them either until Adobe XD’s very own twitter account tweeted this:

The ability for layers to be moved out of the way and make room for resizing other design elements, this is a dream come true. Gone are the days of having to nudge different layers out of the way—all that manual work. Imagine the time we are going to save.

Adobe eluded to such functionality when they brought out their Content-Aware feature. This allows you to group several layers and Adobe XD will remember the padding and general layout as you resize/move elements within.

Quickly create common UI design elements without tedious manual work. In its initial release, Content-Aware Layout lets you control the padding of a group and preserve these values as the group’s layers change.

Stacks aim to take this a step further, adding more flexibility. Adobe XD has always been “design as you think” tool. With features like this, it’s becoming more and more of a useful tool to do this.

Adobe XD has been a powerful tool within the organisation I work for. Most of our projects have quick turnarounds, and XD allows me to efficiently design and delivery user interface designs to our development team within hours.

This new feature is another step in the exciting journey all XD fans have been following along with, and I look forward to getting my hands on it!

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